Digital Strips Podcast 287 – Review – The Trouble And Dangerous

Unsolved Mysteries logoSo many, multiple mysteries to solve with this show. First and foremost, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE NEWS SEGMENT IN THE FIRST PART OF THE SHOW?!? For the answers to these, and other questions… ask Steve.

Seriously though, we ramble on for three minutes plus about The Golden Girls, and then POOF! The show just kind of vanished. Files were corrupted, jokes were ruined, and someone WILL be held accountable. But until then, here’s the links to the stories we talked about, as promised:

  • Cameron Stewart’s Sin Titulo is back! There’s really nothing more that needs to be said, just go read it already!
  • Starslip, Kris Straub’s epic space comedy, has come to a conclusion. There’s a very good chance we’ll revisit this comic as a Book Club edition somewhere down the line.
  • F@NB0Y$ is… still a thing! That updates and which you should read.
  • Scott Kurtz and Frumph (PvP and the man currently behind Comicpress, respectively) had a spirited discussion about the banality of using the beloved webcomic WordPress skin as it comes out of the box and arrived at something resembling an understanding of one another’s positions. And to drive home this point of actually showing an effort with the small corner of the web that you decide to carve out for your online-hosted comic…
  • The System, by Ross Nover, has a new site. It is custom and features gorgeous design and navigation and takes to heart the modern web techniques and is everything we’ve ever wanted in a webcomic site and make us drool at it’s awesome abiliaggggaggghhhhhhhhh

We managed to retain every precious second of the review for The Trouble and Dangerous by Matt Zimmerman (until proven otherwise). For the first time in a while, we have no notes to accompany this review, as no other comics came into the discussion. I guess it speaks for itself!