Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 27: Tuck and Roll, Dragon’s Coming!

Angel hair pasta

Angel hair pasta … because we can’t, in good conscience, show you a picture of food with hair in it

Jason can’t forgive a hair, any hair, in his food, and the bathroom isn’t a great source of confidence, either. Also, both guys want to know, are women nesting when they build piles of hair in the shower? Meanwhile, Steve told his daughter a fantastical lie to encourage good eating habits, but that falsehood may someday have grave, and/or hilarious consequences.


Pro Grapplers Episode 29: King of Weiner Style

The blurred out ref in the Broken Hardyz Tag Team Championship matchYour favorite WWE Superstars have some fun weaknesses, and we’re exposing them! Also, is the best way to once and for all finish a feud with a Loser Dies Match? Is Dolph Ziggler eternally hairless? And how great was the Festival of Friendship? We’ve hired a magician and we’re here to enjoy it all over again with you, the dear listener!