Episode 339: Poppydash (Horizons Watch feat. Balderdash and Poppy)

Moss from The IT Crowd

Whatcha Been Readin’


The Midshow Break
Wanna learn something disturbing about Steve? Then listen up (to our midshow break).

The Feature


All this, plus!

  • Introducing … Jason “The Fancy Pillow” Sigler
  • We talk politics!
    • And promise to never talk politics again
  • Newsarama has many ads
    • Some of which are incredibly loud
  • Give Steve an elk to ride and some magic and he is set for LIFE

Digital Strips Podcast 257 – Book Club – Order of the Stick – 4th Edition

The Disney Princesses, not excepting Mulan, of courseDo you, our valued listeners, believe it is ok for Steve to have a strong interest in the goings-on of the world of Disney princesses? Neither do I, and that argument is the crux of our first segment. Oh, and Steve is nice enough to keep us relatively on track with a comic recommendation as well:

We also squeak in a few news items before lacing up for the Book Club brawl:

Alright, it’s time for the fight. What better fight anthem to roll us into the fracas than the theme to Mortal Kombat 3, remixed by The Dual Dragon (Mortal Konfrontation, 11:15). Of course, if you want to just get back to the action, the second segment starts at 12:52.

If you’ve been checking out this Book Club, you know that Steve is the veteran with Order of the Stick and also the bigger fan of the two of us. I am excited to finally be reading this long-running, very popular webcomic for myself, if only to form my opinion about it based on actually experiencing the story. That said, Steve and I rarely agree on anything this comic does, which makes for an interesting conversation. Listen in, won’t you?