Tease Turns To Truth In This Thursday’s Superfogeys

As Brock Heasley teased in December of last year, there’s big doin’s in the Superfogeys and this Thursday’s update is gearing up to make good on the promises that have been made. Nothing more I can say other than I’m excited to see what’s in store; the comic, save the regular Superfogeys Origins arcs, has been in neutral for a while now and I’m hopeful that this revelation kicks things back up into high gear! Or as high a gear as retired folks can manage. Read the words straight from Brock himself and get hype! GET HYPE!

If you’ve never read the SuperFogeys or it’s been a while since you have, now’s the time to check it out! Launched in September of 2006, the SuperFogeys has steadily developed into a hilarious and dramatic saga that’s far and away from its gag-a-day roots. Throughout its nearly four-year run, one villain has loomed over the residents of Valhalla-Home for the Supertired more than any other, the Third Man. We now know he’s secretly Dr. Klein, the founder of Valhalla, but what does he want? Who is he, really? And how do Spy Gal, Captain Spectacular, Swifty, Dr. Rocket and all the rest fit into his plans?

Everything has been leading up to the bomb creator Brock Heasley will be dropping on Thursday, August 19th. Early reactions to the revelation (by those lucky few) have varied from “That’s a total mind screw” to “Holy Sh—!” (Okay, so that’s not a lot of variety. Reactions are pretty much the same across the board!)

To celebrate, SuperFogeys will be running four updates August 16th-19th, Monday-Thursday. Then, in the week after that (after everyone’s had a chance to calm down!), seven consecutive daily updates August 23rd-29th, Monday-Sunday.

It’s time to catch back up with SF. What are you waiting for?