Superfogeys Teased ~ABOUT~ 2010 Storylines

Between having an entirely separate origins-based spin-off that is drawn by a different artist with each new arc and now having teasers about its upcoming storylines, The Superfogeys is doing everything it can to stand out amongst the webcomics pack, a tall order to be sure, given the immense breadth of content available in the Inter-Ether.

So when series creator Brock Heasley announced on the website that an image providing clues to the 2010 storyboard would go live last night, I was eager to click that link as soon as it was tweeted. When the post dropped, this intriguing poster was revealed:


What does it mean? Does the Harry Potter date font foretell of something… magical? Is that the mysterious, nefarious Dr. Klein we see, almost completely clad in shadow? Is The Superfogeys going all CGI in 2010? Brock has definitely proven to be a man of conviction and integrity, so whatever it is, I’m sure it’s hidden somewhere in that image. Spend the next month tearing it apart with me and, as Brock himself implores…

This is an image that is meant to be distributed. If you do a comic, run a blog, have a Facebook or MySpace page or whatever–PLEASE STEAL THE ABOVE IMAGE AND POST IT.


1 thought on “Superfogeys Teased ~ABOUT~ 2010 Storylines

  1. Awesome. Thanks so much for posting it, Midnight! I will confess to being ignorant as the source of that font, so that’s one blind alley you now don’t have to go down.

    As to the rest of it…some answers are coming a little sooner than you think.

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