An Email Can ~SOMETIMES~ Lead To A Review

Just a friendly reminder to all you aspiring webcomickers out there to send your strips to so we can give ’em a once over to see if we’d like to use them in a future podcast! We’ve gotten a lot of submissions recently and many of them are going to be featured soon so we can share these relative unknowns with the rest of you ‘Net navigators out there!

As a disclaimer, however, entering your strip does not mean a review is forthcoming. We take a look at the overall quality and determine, based on many complicated algorithms, whether or not we will review the comic. I say this not to discourage but because, if we were to do reviews of strips that didn’t measure up in terms of technical skill, they would be a) too numerous to count and b) overly negative.

So if you think you’ve got the chops to stack up with the big boys, submit your comic to us! If you want more shows, we need more strips, so you’re really only helping out yourselves in the long run.


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