Scott Kurtz To Team ~WITH~ Comics Legend, Neal Adams, For Christmas Storyline

From our friends at Fleen (hey, this is the time of sharing and caring), who discovered the news from Bleeding Cool (see?), it seems that Scott Kurtz, who has been jazzing up PvP for months now with a more digital, comic book-y feel, will be pairing with comics legend Neal Adams.

I trust there is some crossover between our webcomics lovers and those of the print variety, so Adams’ name should be one that is instantly recognizable. Known for his grittier, more realistic takes on various heroes for both Marvel and DC Comics, Adams’ contribution to the PvP Xmas arc will likely be minimal, though more in terms of content than the impact he will make on both Kurtz and the comic loving fans that frequent the PvP site.

Next thing you know, Adams has connections with the Academy of Art and Sciences and BAM! Kurtz is hosting the Oscars come 2011. Mark my words, people…

Fleen: This No-Internet Thing Is Getting Old (Gary Tyrrell, 2009)
Bleeding Cool: Scott Kurtz and Neal Adams Team Up (Rich Johnston, 2009)


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