The Webcomic Overlook Evaluates The Biz ~OF~ Reviewing Webcomics

Via a tweet from The Superfogeys creator, Brock Heasley, I’ve stumbled across this introspective write-up from luchador blogger, El Santo, on the business of reviewing webcomics. The post is interesting in terms of what he will be writing about on his own blog in the future, but it’s the comments about giving time to new, unknown webcomics vs. covering the big guns that piqued my interest the most. On the goal of focusing on the unknowns, he writes:

This is actually a very noble aim. I mean, does the world need another person gushing about how much he loves Penny Arcade? Do we need yet another person saying why xkcd is the greatest webcomic of the century? Isn’t ragging on Ctrl+Alt+Delete just getting a wee bit tired? Wouldn’t you rather hear something new?

I applaud all bloggers who live by this code. I’ve encountered quite a few, in fact, have expressed the same sentiment […]

See? Someone applauds us. So we’re doing something right.

In terms of what we here at Digital Strips cover, the unknown approach seems to work the best for us. Sure, we can throw the success stories a bone here and there, but my personal goal for DS is to help those comics that are incredibly talented but not necessarily connected to the greater webcomic community find their way to that road that will lead to the community that eventually builds towards a greater following and thus, greater success.

While I can’t disagree with El Santo’s reasons for reviewing bigger, more recognized webcomics, we decided a while back to make this our mission statement and luckily, we’ve been able to keep the podcast alive, which is our best shot at connecting with readers/listeners about a new property they need to notice on their radar.

Thanks to El Santo for getting this discussion started, and please chime in with your thoughts on the topic.

The Webcomic Overlook: Why Captain Nihilist reviews the “big” webcomics (El Santo, 2009)


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  1. For years now we’ve focused on smaller strips. I find it more interesting personally, at least for the main focus of the podcast. What do you readers think though? Should we talk more about the strips everyone reads already?

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