Episode 438: Today Is No Pants Day

pastamaniaIt’s Wrestlemania season again, Hulkamaniacs! And the Hulkster is celebrating by winning a massive court case against the evil Gawker Media, dude! But will he be welcomed back into the open arms of his former employer, brother? Stranger things have happened, even in professional wrestling.

In the meantime, there are webcomics to talk about! Steve found Randowis, so the guys try to figure out who or what Randowis is. They also delve into the story behind Battleborn with a motion comic. Is there a story? Our investigation reveals there might possibly be! And Steve tries to convince Jason that Bats vs. Supes (the comic, not the movie) is worth a look. Tune in for the decision and more, including Steve’s personal scale of satisfaction which may or may not include being set on fire.