DS 726: Review of Harpy Gee

Madonna in music video for her hit single, "Vogue"

We grow less gruff, declare that we’re proud to be Dumm, strike some serious poses, attend a party we didn’t want to go to anyways, and give an obscure nod to Idaho with our sweetly bitter review of Brianne Drouhard’s Harpy Gee in this cat vomit-covered episode of Digital Strips!


DS 725: Review of Honestly Not a Robot

Carl Weathers instructs Tobias Funke (played by David Cross) on how to get a stew going

We recall retail horror stories, update our earliest artwork, wait for the story to start, and worry that we’ve time traveled with our in-stock review of Emma Thatcher’s Honestly Not a Robot in this price-checked episode of Digital Strips!


DS 724: Review of Runa

Indiana Jones tosses a Nazi from a blimp in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

We relish simple titles, run from swords, get welcomed to the fungal jungle, and strap in for high-octane action with our left behind review of Patricia Pamula, Dane Rahlmeyer, and Noah Whyler’s Runa in this beastly episode of Digital Strips!


DS 723: Review of Wychwood

A record single of "Witchy Woman" by The Eagles

We coin a new YAAF genre, accidentally mix code with our magic, pitch a Felix and Lizard buddy comedy, and develop chosen one Stockholm Syndrome with our technologically-magical review of Varethane’s Wychwood in this wychy episode of Digital Strips!