DS 701: Review THROWBACK feat. Bicycle Boy

Kanye West displays a perfect example of the resting bitch face

We chill out a bit and beat the summer heat with a breezy look back at one of our favorite comics from the recent past, Bicycle Boy by Jackarais. See why alliances are still always changing, a new bicycle boy seems to have taken the titular role, and why we think this comic is about partying and flipping off the encroaching darkness (sound familiar?) episode of Digital Strips!


DS 700: The State of Our Webcomics is Strong

Homer Simpson is fed all the donuts he can possibly eat in hell during a Treehouse of Horror episode of The Simpsons

We take a break from reviewing webcomics to instead take a turn on viewing webcomics as a whole, including differences between its inception to now, losing the adventure of exploring the World Wide Web, and why services like Webtoons and Tapas miss out on key components of the magic of webcomics on this week’s episode of Digital Strips!


DS 698: Review of What Happens Next

Cover of the book, True Crime: Activity Book for Adults

We go all-in on a true crime played out in real time, acknowledge the copious amount of content warnings, and ask if this is really the hellish life that teens these days live with our review of Max Graves’ What Happens Next on this week’s episode of Digital Strips!