DS 684: Review of The Emergency Coven

We hop on our awesome hog, ride to a cemetery to meet some strangers, ask questions about twins-in-the-same-body with regards to nudity, and search for the elusive Harry Potter baby in our review of Llyrel’s The Emergency Coven, on this week’s episode of Digital Strips!


DS 683: Review of UTOWN

Think way less popular and way more stink lines (I imagine) and you’d have the main friendship in this comic

We hunker down, enjoy some brewskis with some buds and prepare to get evicted in our review of the cartoonishly realistic UTOWN by CAB on this week’s episode of Digital Strips!


DS 682: Review of My Pet Succubus

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

We take a look at an earnestly horny and essentially harmless comic in Carlos G.’s My Pet Succubus. Our review finds crudeness and talent in equal measure, spinning into a discussion about crafting things for others versus doing it for yourself.


DS 681: Review of Headless Bliss

Will and Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
In this case, Will is Fylip and Uncle Phil is Lady Diov

Traverse the demon realm as an unfinished story-come-to-life and befriend the heir to a hellish throne in Clover’s Headless Bliss on this week’s episode of Digital Strips!