DS 667: Offkey Comics

The subject of Brittany Keyes’ mostly-journal comic, Offkey Comics, is her dog. He’s a cute, good boy, as many dogs are, but it’s when Brittany shines a light on the rest of her life, as well as her skills outside of a digital drawing tablet, that this offering truly excels. Regardless of your tastes, that brings something for everyone to love in this cute, loosely-drawn slice of life comic. We also have news via the fine folks at Fleen about the upcoming Clementine spin-off from The Walking Dead, being created/adapted solely by On a Sunbeam‘s Tillie Walden.


DS 666: Papercut

Michael Scott from The Office

Is Papercut by Sony-Shock a sweet, fun comic about a precocious workaholic robot? Or is it a darker take on the dangers of communism and a cautionary tale for the proletariat? Who says it can’t be both? Hear our thoughts on the cutest narc you’ve ever met, including the fanfic where Paper and Michael Scott meet that Jason is hard at work on. Then, take a break (short, we’re still at work) and read it for yourself!


DS 665: Not Even Bones

Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer, Glamist, and Alai Cinereo is a comic about trust, mistrust, betrayal, and child trafficking, all told through a YA fantasy lens. It’s got monsters (unnaturals, so no one’s feelings are hurt), love, and enough parent/child relationship issues to fill an afternoon special. Our mileage, as with all things YA, varied, but you should definitely give it a look.