Pro Grapplers Episode 15: Like A Stinkface From You Son

Goldberg spears his opponent through a tableEveryone loves a good underdog story, and WWE has concocted a fun one with James Ellsworth! Also, Goldberg returned and cut a really long promo, just like you’d expect him to do based on his previous matches and feuds. Finally, we run down the week’s NXT doings, which are always good news and never crushingly depressing. Also, we have another match for you to watch and tell us about! Check out The British Bulldog vs. Owen Hart in a match emanating from Germany to crown the first-ever European Champion!


Pro Grapplers Episode 14: Son, THIS Is John Cena

Gary Johnson sticks out his tongueThere’s so much wrestling on these days, we have to decide what to talk about and what to abandon like a pre-live episode of Smackdown. Luckily, Jason took in a local NXT show a couple weeks back and has some notes to share on his experience. The guys also briefly recap the No Mercy results and Steve confuses his son as to the look and physical features of John Cena and Gary Johnson.


Pro Grapplers Episode 12: USCHAMP

Rusev gives Summer Rae a fish as a sign of his affection (image courtesy of Cageside Seats)The Dusty Classic is back, and this one shall be … GLORIOUS. Also, the guys lament the fact that Smackdown! is good again, run down the results for the Night of Champions Clashing, and discuss whether TNA should fight for life or give up the ghost.

Also, we’re hoping to do a homework assignment each week, giving us a chance to share some amazing matches that we might find here or there. This week’s features Ricochet vs. Will Ospreay. Enjoy and tell us what you think!