Comics and Webcomics Unite To Form Indie-Styled Murder Mystery, Bucko

My name's not Bucko

More and more comic book creators are dipping their feet into the webcomics waters, likely to exorcise their creative demons in a space that is both forgiving and instantly accessible (mainstream comic books these days, not so much). Warren Ellis (Planetary, Transmetropolitan) has been doing it for a while now with FreakAngels and Mike Norton (Young Justice) recently jumped in with Battlepug. Now, Jeff Parker (Hulk, Thunderbolts, Agent of Atlas) has teamed up with Erika Moen (DAR) to craft a comic that feels independent in its voice and look.

As the interview over at Newsarama posits, the story of Bucko reads like a “loser who stumbles onto something bigger than himself” story that the Coen brothers have become synonymous with. Bucko roped me in with its first six pages and I’m sure the same will happen to you, especially after reading more about its creation in the interview, linked below.