Drawing Breasts Is Tough (But Fun) Business

Epic BoobsIf you’re a man, and you enjoy drawing boobs, chances are you’re doing it wrong. And that’s not terribly unexpected! Neither having regular access to the subject you’re drawing nor experiencing them attached to you first-hand (for 99.843 % of the community, at least) leads one to draw from reference and/or flighty fantasy when drawing some monumental mammaries.

But artist Ovens of Chipperwhale is here to guide the fellas in the art, and joy, of properly depicting truthful tatas. Let them sag, don’t worry about always giving a proper salute! Nipples have their place on a breast, and it is not always pointing directly at you! And other unknown facts are yours if you follow the handy link below! WARNING: There are other links included in said article which can form quite the deep rabbit hole. Wordplay very much not intended, but well done nonetheless.

The art of boobs, Caperton (Feministe)