Digital Strips Podcast 285 – Book Club – The Rack, First Edition

So despite my moniker of “The Geek”, I’m actually super cool. Well, I mean, I’m not cool now, I do a webcomics podcast and occasionally wear black socks with shorts, however I was super cool growing up. Well, actually not so much super cool, but I was cool enough to not have any friends. A fact that prevented me from getting into Dungeons & Dragons, comics, and Magic the Gathering until much later in life.

As such, my experience with the nerd-mini-Mecca that is the comic book shop is one completely untainted by nostalgia and it’s cousin, whimsy. This makes me probably the worst person ever to review a comic like The Rack, which takes place almost exclusively in a comic shop and with comic shop people (on the other hand, I still totally love Our Valued Customers, so go figure).

Jason, on the other hand, is a jerk and a bully and was never cool so he knows comic shops like the back of his hand so he was all for this little foray down memory lane. We talk about where the comic works and about the dangers of such a niche comic. We speak of the importance of character development and how it related to comics and sitcoms. We yammer on about states and pricesses and parenting and race relations (trust me it makes sense in the moment).

Join us, please.

Show Notes:

Joe Love Crappy Movies
Another Video Game Web comic
Mercworks (the decison)
The Loneliest Astronauts


7 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 285 – Book Club – The Rack, First Edition

  1. HAHA, I guess we have to fight now (I’m not very big but I’m VERY spry)

    Nevertheless, thanks for the shout-out guys! It didn’t even occur to me that my name is nowhere on there!

  2. See, this is why I don’t do research, just make wild claims and the truth will come to you.

    Thanks for stopping by Dave and keep up the great work.

  3. I think there should be a law of no more “opposing forces names” in comics from now on (ie: Snowflame). Having said that, I think it works for this re-creation BECAUSE the character is from the 80’s.

    Now I’m going back and looking at the hands I’ve drawn. Uh oh…

  4. Thanks for featuring us in your book club. Yes, the early strips are painfully dependant on having some comics knowledge and I’m sorry you’re having to slog your way through them. Just to help you guys out, we offer a page that’s a dedicated guide to the strip’s first four years here: and that might help you guys find good places to stop and start.

    Again, thanks for featuring us!

  5. Robin: I wouldn’t necessarily say that Daria was a superior show to B&B, just drastically different. I liked both for completely different reasons.

    Kevin: Glad you enjoyed our look at the earlier stuff! While we appreciate any helpful guides and other periphery information, with Book Club, we have to go from start to finish on whatever comic we choose. So we’ll continue where we left off when we do the next edition, but we’ll keep your comments in mind. Thanks for listening!

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