Digital Strips Podcast 284 – Review – Eleanor

Hey Digital Strippers! Consider this to be a placeholder post until Steve has time to work up some proper notes. In the meantime, though, enjoy the show, where we review Eleanor: The Girl Who Never Stopped Falling by Jason Gurley.


2 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 284 – Review – Eleanor

  1. Hey, guys. Just found your review — thanks a ton for giving Eleanor a little airtime. Love your comments about the character artwork — I’m not a particularly great character artist, I’ll give you that. Landscape? Love doing that stuff. So I’m glad you enjoyed that. Hopefully it makes up a bit for the weird mole-people characters. 😀

    We’re definitely not headed for a knitting utopia, however. Although now I might have to reconsider my story arc — a knitting utopia sounds pretty fascinating.

    The e-comic sample sucks, though. I distribute the comic through Graphicly, which pushes it to the Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc., and extending the sample is something I’ve begged them to do. It’s apparently something they can’t change, so my apologies for that.

    Thanks again for reading, and I do hope you’ll come back and read more. But yeah, it might be a while before it’s finished. And I do hope in the end the slow burn will be worth it.

    Great show!

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