Digital Strips Podcast 278 – Review – Dicebox (Good Ol’ Childhood Sphincter Problems)

Science fiction tends to be a big pile of lies smothered in falsehood. If sci-fi were to be believed, in the future, everyone would be a starship captain, a roguish smuggler, a greenskinned slave girl or a robot. What I want to know is where are all the tales of normal people in sci-fi? The space-barbers, the migrate space-workers, or whatever the future equivalent of a janitor is. At least I used to wonder, until I found Dicebox.

This week we’re delving deep into Dicebox, a comic by Jenn Manley Lee. The story follows two space drifters/migrate workers as they try to make their way in the universe and slowly (very slowly) uncover each other’s past.

I make a couple mistakes in the show. One was making fun of the URL when there is a better one available (see our link above) the other was confusing the current chapter sections with total chapters. I’m sure I botched other things. This is why Jason and I can’t have nice things.

We also discuss scary childhood memories, the fact that my child is a wuss and how we both learn new words. Join us, won’t you?

Show Notes:
Runewriters – 5:00
The Meek – 6:30
The Bean – 6:45
False Positivethe link – 7:30
Mummy Comicthe link : 9:45
Bug – 10:00

Templar, Arizona – 14:15
Zombie Hunters – 19:30

Music by halc


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