Digital Strips Podcast 277 – Review – Delilah Dirk

April 2nd is always the saddest day of year for me because it’s the day that I have to face the fact that all the cool stuff I saw the day before isn’t real and will never happen (Google, if you’re reading that, that Mars thing still hurts). I hope we can make your April 2nd a little brighter with another episode and another great comic.

This week we’re taking a look a Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Luetenent by Tony Cliff. It’s a fun-fill, swash-buckling romp through the exotic lands of the Near East. Since the comic wrapped up in late Feburary this is a rare chance for us to talk about a full story arc as it was intended to be read by the creator. It’s a strange concept to us, but I think we handle it ok.

We also talk about the “proper” way to read a long form story based comic, the proper way to handle sexy characters and violence in comics and the proper way to searve burgers and tacos. It’s a good time. Please join us.

Show notes:
Space Trawler
Reptilius Rex
Not invented Here
Dawn of the Ninja
Diesel Sweeties
Gunnerkrigg Court
The Dreamer
Questionable Contact
Order of the stick
Realm of Atland
Schlock Mercenary
Corporate Skull

Mmpph the way you mmpph

The Meek
Next Town Over
Rice Boy


4 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 277 – Review – Delilah Dirk

  1. I love Delilah Dirk! I’ve been gushing about it since it started. His work is amazing. And I really hope he does an english language print collection soon. I also really liked how he posted 4 pages a week for updates. It made each update very enjoyable.

    I’ve really struggled with doing longform. I think Tony did it right by creating the content ahead of time, and updating as he goes.

  2. Haha! So nice to hear how you guys pronounce “Boumeries”! You see, I’m French Canadian, so my name ‘Boum’ is, to me, pronounced kind of like ‘Boom’, and consequently ‘Boomeries’. I’m not saying that to correct you — I actually had no idea how it sounded in English prior to now. That explains why some readers write it “Bomeries”. Good to know!

    Thanks 😀

  3. Found Delilah Dirk through your web site. Thanks, guys! That was a fun read. It had that “Adventures of Tintin” vibe going for it, especially with the pacing and the beats.

    As to reading long-form webcomics, I prefer to come into a series that’s already well underway so I know it won’t just leave me hanging. I usually download all the available past strips to read on my tablet, then I follow along on the schedule of the creative team. I did this for “Girl Genius”, “Realm of Atland”, and “Freak Angels.” (Didn’t need to do it for “Delilah Dirk”, though; read it in one sitting.)

    I still follow “Girl Genius” because of the regularity of posts. “Realm of Atland”, because it’s irregular, I just check from time to time. “Freak Angels” I dropped because it didn’t appeal to me.

  4. Will: Yeah I agree, the professionalism oozes out of this comic.

    Boum: Thanks for the heads up.

    Dom: yeah I agree, when I find a new long form story comics in the first chapter, I try not to get my hopes up.

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