Digital Strips Podcast 276 – Review – Briar Hollow

Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesAs the storm wails around me here in the Rocky Mountains, I like to picture you, some place, dry and warm, sitting by the fire in a cozy, red felt chair with your earbuds in, enjoying this latest episode of Digital Strips. This week we take a look at Briar Hollow, the least college-y college-based comic I think I’ve ever seen. The comic is created by Terry Blas with brilliant colors by Kimball Davis.

We also take several detours into other territories, talking about the X-Men and the Ninja Turtles and what makes them so different (and seriously people, comment on that topic, it’s for science and posterity).

Not too many comics mentioned this week, which makes for easy show notes:

Abaddon – 2:30
Questionable Content – 5:00
Next Town Over – 21:00
My Sister, The Freak – 22:30
Imagine This – 27:00

The music in the middle was L’espoir fait vivre by Bézèd’h


8 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 276 – Review – Briar Hollow

  1. Donatello too! Michelangelo is a close second. And my favorite x-man is Beast, so maybe there’s a pattern here…

  2. Hmmm… If I chime in, that would make it 5 for Donetello, so I guess I was wrong. But So was Jason, and he was wrong about two things, making it a total win for me.

  3. Leonardo. I’ve had the impression over the last couple of years that Donatello was the overall fav.

  4. Beast is far and away the finest X-Man. Then comes Colossus, then comes Nightcrawler, and then…ah..Maggott.

    Raphael is the coolest Ninja Turtle.

    Also, and this is important: Dean is the coolest Winchester, even with his shortness. Sam’s great, but a bit too whiney. Sam also has a more enviable musculature, but you didn’t even ask about Supernatural so I’m just gonna stop right here and hope my girlfriend doesn’t find this comment.

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