Digital Strips Podcast 279 – Review – Lake Nowhere

I grew up in a small town where the coolest thing we had to do was breathe really fast to make ourselves hyperventilate. Dangerous? Yes. Stupid? Very. Better than anything else going on at the time? Unfortunately.

Besides that and fighting behind the boxcars, there wasn’t much going on in my childhood. If only I lived in a happening place like Lake Nowhere where I could sit on a dock and write in my notebook. Beside the lack of docks, I totally relate to this week’s comic by Stephen Ramsey. A gag-a-day look at the hard realities of growing up where the sun don’t shine.

We also discuss comixpress, and how people use it to enhance their comic and piss off Jason, a bit about the morality of RSS feeds, the various kinds of words we don’t know and a couple new comics that grabbed us in all the right places. All this and more on the latest episode of Digital Strips.

Show Notes
Deliah Dirk 6:45
The System 7:15
Shiver Bureau 9:45
After the Deluge 11:45
A Softer World 13:00
Buttersafe (the one he mention) 14:00
Legacy Control 14:30
Bug 19:15

Middle Music was Walk on the Water by Fluxcapacitor.


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