Digital Strips Podcast 267 – Review – Velia, Dear

Hey people of the Internet. Stop putting punctuation in the name of your webcomics. It makes my show titles look weird. Can’t you see what you’re doing to me? I’m looking at you Miss Beaton.

This week’s episode is a hard one for me to post. Not because of any emotional thing that happened during it’s production or that the comic was painfully bad (quite the opposite, in fact) but because I come across as a raging butt-munch.

Normally, if either of us somethings like a turd-burglar with cheese, it’s Jason, and I’m totally down with publicly shaming him for his own good. But me? I don’t see how I can learn from this. I’m just posting it in the hopes that you find my dilweed-hood entertaining.

This week we’re taking a look at the cross-generational gag-a-day comic, Velia, Dear by Rina Piccalo. We discuss whether or not very newspapery strips work in webcomics if they use dirty words and how an art style can make you feel at home, even in Canada.

We cover tons of news, lots of stuff we’ve been reading, the happiness of a new comics’ birth and the sadness of their retirement, love, death and horchata all on this episode of Digital Strips.

Show Notes:

ECC comic – 4:00
Brad Guigar – 4:00
Penny Arcade – 4:45
Beaver and Steve – 6:30
Faraday the Blob – 6:45
Muktuk WolfBreath (I say Assassin but he’s a shaman) 8:45
Song of Xanthia 10:00
Sequential Art 11:00
StarCrossed 12:00
Ellie on Planet X 12:00
Judge Jetski – 12:30
Hunter Black – 14:00 (Once again dude, super sorry)
Hereville – 21:00
Imagine This – 22:00
Bear and Tiger – 22:00

Music in the middle by zircon.


8 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 267 – Review – Velia, Dear

  1. Well fellas, I have my blog topic for Friday’s page. Let me back up.

    I was just checking our analytics for the past few days, and I saw that we’d gotten a few hits from here. So I went to check out the podcast.


    My name is indeed spelled: P-E-N-I-S-T-O-N. It’s pronounced, “PENNISTON.” Needless to say, you’re correct when you say that I’ve gotten to deal with the joys of this most of my life. (That said, it’s been cake for me. I feel bad for my sister.)

    And for the record, African-American recording artist CeCe Peniston is, in fact, my cousin.

    Thanks so much for giving us the sterling review, even though a lot of it was centered over my name, people have checked out the comic as a result, and that’s awesome. We’re really glad you’re liking the comic, and we hope you keep reading!

    Justin and his ton o’ penis.

  2. Lucas: Anytime dude.

    Justin: Again man, super duper sorry, it was pretty lame of me not to look up your name before reading it “live” “on air”. Thanks for being so understanding.

    Keep up the great work with your comic, I’ll certainly be keeping an eye open for what’s coming and if there’s ever anything we can do to help, just let us know.

  3. Are you guys kidding? You’re doing us a favor by reviewing the comic. If I was that worried about my last name, I’d use a pseudonym. If you don’t have a sense of humor, maybe comics ain’t for you.

    I hit all my social media stuff to try and get people to the podcast, and to your site.

    Thanks again. You guys are awesome.

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