Digital Strips Podcast 266 – Review – Unsounded

Shortly after discussing the soundtrack to the hit iOS game, Robot Unicorn Attack, and the benefits to being a friend of a Disney character versus knowing one of the Looney Tunes gang, we roll right into the show!

Our Whatcha Been Readin’ segment finds me checking in with the latest PvP storyline (4:00) while Steve recommends both The Secret Knots (5:05) and Slow Wave (5:47) and reminds everyone to check in again with Atland (6:36).

News is populated with new projects or just simple some doodles that I particularly dug, along with a card game getting a welcome expansion and a brief discussion about what it takes to actually pirate a webcomic (they are typically free, you know).

Appropriately serving as our music break this episode, an 8-bit take on the aforementioned “Always” by Erasure, attributed to YouTube user Simetra666.

The review this week, an epic fantasy tale with a personal touch, is one that speaks largely for itself.

Luckily, even when a comic illustrates it’s tone and intention so clearly, we’re still there to muck it up with criticism and discussion. About the only comic to get brought up along the way (that wasn’t previously mentioned already)?

It’s all downhill in the aftershow, when the Rambletron rambles on (33:09)! On the menu: Steve’s delusions, goals in life with regards to reading, Jason’s proclivities towards lending things in odd places, a disturbing occurrence known only as the “Steve Bone”, the weirdness of using parent as a future tense verb, and Steve’s grasp of the English language (or lack thereof).


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