Digital Strips Podcast 268 – Review – Two Guys and Guy

If web comics have tuaght me anything, it’s that I should be really upset about my room mate experience as I went through college. Apparently, room mates are suppose to do everything with you, go on adventures, help you get through challenges, shoot you dead when they mistake you for a ghost. That sort of thing. Not pass out in the door way one winter night and drive your heating bill way up.

This time my former room mates are being shamed by Two Guys and Guy, another room mate comics where not real happens, and we’re glad for it. Join us as we join Guy, Frank and Wayne for some potentially deadly hijinks, which I think we’ll all agree are the best kind of hijinks.

We also discuss, why there is no news this week, why were so bad at podcasting and our hopes and dreams for the new year. We also mention the following:

Gaia Comic
Sandra and Woo
Jason’s Web Comic
Animals being Dicks
Scence from a multiverse
Robot Beach
Adventures of superhero girl
Rob and Elliot
Sexy and I Know It
Hunter Black comic
Not Invented Here


2 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 268 – Review – Two Guys and Guy

  1. Okay, so, check this out. Wayne’s ability to die over and over again is effectively explained in this strip:

    Flipping through the archives to find that, I kept giggling at strips. It’s amazing how often this comic “Hits”. I endorse the comparison to Bug for that reason.

  2. Yeah, you know a strips good when you find yourself actually reading every comic as you go through the archive looking for a certain one.

    I’m guilty of that myself.

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