Digital Strips Podcast 259 – Horizons Watch Derelict and The Man of Many Shades

Ok, I’m super sorry about the lateness of this update. I do think that this particular episode was totally worth the wait, not only do we deliver two comics that are just begging for your attention but we get to hear Jason’s impression of a guy from Idaho, being given a book. You cannot buy quality audio programming like this.

This week we turn again to the horizons taking a look at Derelict and The Man of Many Shade, a name that becomes surprisingly hard to type after the 10th time.

Derelict is a dirty, grungy, post-apocalyptic tale that is different from all those other dirty, grungy post-apocalyptic tales, largely because it has a boat in it. But boats changes stories, they make them about the sea, and the sea has been changing our literature since we crawled out of it. Boats add romance, grandeur and an infinite setting that calls to all of us. Also a seagull dies in this, and everyone hates those dirty rat-birds.

The Man of Many Shades is all about juxtaposition. Like a good sweet and sour dish, it takes things that probably shouldn’t go together, and makes them not only go together, but be better for it. Here, instead of the sweetness of honey and the twang of lemon juice, it’s a dark and grity noir protagonist, and a poorly drawn unicorn. Trust me, it works.

We also talk about the following comics and the following times:

Imagine This – 5:15
Bug 6:15
Gronk 6:30
Bear and Tiger – 4:45


2 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 259 – Horizons Watch Derelict and The Man of Many Shades

  1. Check out Ben Fleuters first effort; PARALLEL DEMENTIA. The art was only serviciable at first but the plot and characters quickly got my interest. And then as the plot grew his art progressed by leaps and bounds. The fight between the ice demon and fire demon is amazing (Take that! standard layouts). In the end Ben said he’d learned a lot but din’t want to spend years winding up a very diffuse plot. (Sadness) But DERELICT is even better.

  2. Consider it checked out.

    Thanks for the heads up, I love reading previous work from creators I’m digging. Love to see that progression.

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