Digital Strips Podcast 258 – Review – Optipess

Hey what do mass murderers, butt sex and suicide have in common? There’s all topics even I won’t make a joke about. But fortunately I am not the the guy behind Optipess, this week’s comic.

Before we get into the matters at hand, we ramble, as we are want to do. We admit to each other, and vicariously all of you guys, that we were total weenies once and have not matured as much as we would have liked. I’m slightly braver than I once was, but it took a band of different colored ninjas to get me that way.

We then talk about what we’re reading, Shortpacked for Jason and Two Guys and Guy for me.

We then finally get into the show part of the show where we talk about Optipess, a comic I can’t think of a better word for than “dark” and if you would give me two words, I’d add “European.” Its a twisted little gag-a-day that I’m glad Jason brought to my attention, if only to counterbalance Modest Medusa in my RSS feed.

Let us know what you think of the show. We love us some feedback.


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