Digital Strips Podcast 260 – Review – Fortune’s Fools

I’ll be the first to admit that this show is an odd one. Not only is it the second of a two show recording session but it’s also a review of a comic that has long since stopped updating. The former means our A material is all used up, but fortunately our B material is also a bunch of wiener/boob jokes and ad hominum attacks. The latter makes this an interesting look back through time at what could have been, rather than what is. Which is a little trippy and a lot of fun.

We start by pinning for the the new Muppets Movie which is still over a month away. We then discuss why Jason has gone through his beloved RSS feed witha scythe and cut almost all of the story-based strips found within. It turns out, stories are hard for Jason.

The middle music is American Dream Man by Leslie Hunt.

We then get into Fortune’s Fools by Mel Olm and MJ ALmon. Like I mentioned this black and white comic set in medieval France has long since given up the ghost leaving us to only wonder what might have been. I don’t know about you guys but finding fun comics that gave up a long time ago is always bitter sweet for me. On the one hand, I get to see what could have been and imagine my own ending, one the other hand, there’s a strange sense of loss over something I never knew there was. I’m probably over thinking this.


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