Talented Creator To Help Brock Heasley and David Reddick ~CRAFT~ The Next SuperFogeys Origins Story (And It COULD Be YOU)

It was late last year when I wrote to Brock Heasley, creator of The SuperFogeys, on Twitter that I loved what he was doing with the SuperFogeys: Origins stories, mixing new artists and creators with his already-established characters to delve into their origins, adding a very comic book-y vibe to a well-pedigreed webcomic. His response? How would you like to take a turn?

Now, a half a year later with my own arc in the can, Wes Molebash (Max vs. Max) is next on deck and it looks like David Reddick (The Legend of Bill) is queued up behind him. However, Reddick’s arc will be a bit more unique in how it all comes together. Due to time constraints on his part, Reddick will be providing the character designs for this Spy Gal-focused arc, which will then be utilized by the best man/woman for the job. This prime creative opportunity can be had by submitting work to the Heasley/Reddick tandem (heretofore referred to as RedRock) for a contest set to end in May. Full contest details can be found below/after the break, so get those knuckles cracked and show RedRock what you’ve got!


Have I got some coolness to drop on you. I’ve been in deep talks with the Legend of Bill’s David Reddick for the past couple weeks about working together on a SuperFogeys Origin story. David is monster talent with a large following and, of course, one of my Tall Tale Features brothers. He is the man.

You’ll recall that last year David and I tried to do a story together –the one that Krishna Sadasivam eventually ended up drawing called “Spy Gal vs. Star Maiden”.  Love that story. Anyway, ever since then David and I have been trying to figure out another way that we can collaborate without putting too much of a time pressure on him and we think we’ve got a great idea.

And it involves you. Maybe. Potentially. Let me explain.


I have an outline for one of the most highly anticipated Origin stories ready to go. David is so excited by it that he’s dying to do to the character designs. So, he will. But, we need an artist.

We need you!

David and I are looking for someone to work closely with us on a 5-6 page origin story that will rock. David will be acting as an “art director” and “casting agent” of sorts, hand-picking the artist for the story, handing over the character designs he creates and giving some general, basic art direction. Nothing that would hamper anyone creatively, but if you’re familiar with David’s work then you know how valuable any input from him would be!

Sadly, you will also have to work with me and one of my scripts. But you can put up with that, right?

Oh, wait, what’s the Origin, you ask?


Here’s the details of how you can throw your hat into the ring:

1. Draw a pinup of young Spy Gal–we wanna see your take!

2. Send it and a link to your comic to me at bwhheasley (at) gmail (dot) com.

3. Be willing to complete pencils, inks and colors on the 5-6 pages by August of this year.

I’ll be passing along the entries to David and he will carefully consider each entry and choose the best by the deadline.


A lot of great artists have drawn and are drawing some great SuperFogeys Origins stories. Artists like T.L. Collins, Eldon Cowgur, Krishna Sadasivam, Marc Lapierre, Rossana Bugini, Jason Sigler, and Wes Molebash. We’re looking for someone with the chops to join their ranks. Think you got ’em?


If you are chosen as the artist of the Spy Gal origin…

1. You will get to work closely with both David and I.

2. You’ll also receive a free copy of the whichever printed volume of SuperFogeys Origins your art appears in.

3. You will get copious amounts of plugging and linkage back to your site or comic from both the SuperFogeys and Legend of Bill sites.

4. An original sketch by both David Reddick and Brock Heasley–a jam piece featuring two SuperFogeys of your choice! (However, please be advised that David will only agree to this so long as he gets to draw Spy Gal. Just FYI.)

So, what do you say? Do you want in on the SuperFogeys action? Do you wanna work with David Freakin’ Reddick (his actual middle name–truth!)!?

Get those entries in now! Remember, deadline is May 3rd! Spy Gal awaits… and here are some parting words from David himself:

“Brock and I have been itching to work together on some Superfogey’s goodness, and this will be a fun and unique way of doing just that. I can’t wait to look at some of the pin-ups and pick the artist for the next Superfogey’s Origin… Let’s have some fun with this, And FUN is SuperFUNFogeys middle name!”


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