Digital Strips 193 – Review By Moon Alone

Lock the door, horde some food and set yourself up to survive the zombie hordes, because the world is about to end. The final sign of the apocalypse has finally happened, Steve and Jason have reviewed a manga.

This week’s offering is the very dividing By Moon Alone by Honoel A. Ibardolaza (alone?). We talk about a lot of stuff involved here, we discuss why Jason hates all things Japanese and why Steve wants to like it. We delve into art, writing and pacing, all the usual comic topics you expect from us. Only this time about a comic you probably never expected us to do.

We also ramble on about 3-D movies, the time paradox that is the state of Idaho, why Apple has changed the way Jason poops and a bunch of other fun stuff. Join us won’t you?

Show Notes:
Wes Molebash
Dawn of Time
Strike the Earth
Dwarf Fortress
Order of the Stick
Realm of Atland
Red vs Blue
Extra Life

If I missed anything, please let me know.


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