Digital Strips 194 – Zuda Watch April 2010

I hate when I have to sit down and figure out an introduction to a show. I have to be creative but I already started listening to an old episode of Arrested Development and I can’t stop. So rather than wait till its over and then apply myself to the project at hand, I’m just going to say “Mr. F” and let the cool listeners know how funny that really is.

This may have been the strongest Zuda month on record. Even if it isn’t, then it’s certainly the one with the best average layout. But strong months don’t mean that every comic is strong. As fully trained Internet blow hards, we can always find something to call poopy. Tune in to find out who made us sign praises and who just made us sign.

Be sure to listen to the ending, I’m trying something different and I’d really like some feedback.

Show Notes:
Mr. Trilbok Signs the Blues
Dan + Clue
Queer Romance
Stereophonic Ninja Boy
The Zombie Hand

Lovecraft is Missing
Hourglass Falls is what he meant
Octane Jungle
Crooked Man

And be sure to join us next time when we have a very special episode in which I finally get Jason to read Realm of Atland.


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