Pajama Forest ~PRESENTS~ Super Awesome Kite Flier Extreme! (To The Max) for iPhone/iPod Touch

These days, to make it in the digital funnies realm, you not only have to update your comic on time, with extra content and clever enough punchlines to inspire T-shirt after topical T-shirt, but you also have to worry about every other digital tie-in that you could possibly make with your work. Facebook, Twitter, forums, email blasts, and now, iPhone games.

These little suckers are easy to make, hard to master, and many webcomics already have their own game/app to carry around with you 24/7, permeating your brain stem and infecting your attention span. Now you can count Pajama Forest, the hilariously drawn strip from Evan Diaz, amongst those digital comic elites. The new PF game, Super Awesome Kite Flier Extreme! (To The Max), is now available in the iTunes store for the low, low, almost-free price of $0.99! Carry PF with you wherever you go with this amazingly named game today!


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