Digital Strips 195 – Book Club: Realm of Atland #1

What’s this, a new show type, from Digital Strips? They never do that.

This time we’re trying something a little different. Realm of Atland is a strip that I have read and loved for years. Its creator Nate Peikos is a big part of the community with all his fonts available at Blambot. Years ago, Daku and Zampson (and maybe Phil) did an over glowing review of the strip.

Now, years later, everyone who is cool has read Realm of Atland and fantasized about marrying either Lily or Bruce, depending on their personal preference between buxom priestesses and rugged minotaur barbarians. Jason on the other hand, is not cool, so I had to sit him down and force him to read the first 50 strips and now, like a bunch of high school kids or empty-nesters, we’re going to discuss what we read.

And we want you to join in the fun. Please let us know what you think of this strip and about our show about it. The comments section below is a great place for that. And if you haven’t read Atland, now is a great time to start. And if you’ve tried in the past and decided you hate things that are awesome, at least listen to the first two minutes of the show. Their probably my favorite two minutes since I started this gig.

Oh and in the show we said we’d talk about the elephant size boobs in the room, but bosoms such as these demand their own show, so that’ll probably be in the next episode, unless you want to talk about them now. In the comments.

Show Notes:
Questionable Content
Not Invented Here
PVP, I don’t know why I said Penny Arcade. I’m a dummy
8Bit theater
Order of the Stick
Legend of Bill
My Sister the Freak
Looking for group
Least I could do


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