FCBD, a List, Google, and Disappearing

Free Comic Book Day has never been a big deal for me. It’s kind of neat and good for the kids but not one of those things I take an extra long lunch for and go visit the local store. The number of participants has increased and it does bring more awareness of the variety out there. I think my biggest issue is that it’s marketed towards kids. As if those are the ones that need to be pulled in, although the biggest audience is probably teens and, more recently, young adults. So does anyone know any stores that are trying to market to say, those in our 30’s?

Found another list out there of someone telling us their favorite webcomics. Normally these kinds of lists bug me a little because they always list pretty much the big players and something like 2 no one has ever heard. As if making a list would give everyone to go to theirs if they list it at the same level as the accepted. The difference here is Jack has listed a few of the less acknowledged players and even so of the more off the wall strips we are only now just discovering.

The joys of getting notice are wide and varied. When advertising and word of mouth are just not moving fast enough some may result to special code to get bots to notice you more. The problem is that if you thought of it and found someone else to do it for you then the people you’re trying to take advantage of have thought a way around it. The lesson learned is that there is nothing better than word of mouth and the only way to do it successfully is time and effort, lots and lots of it. Learn to accept that you will not make it to full time artist within the first 2 years and you’ll be taking your first step towards earning a living off your work.

Found a comic that’s disappeared? Did your favorite comic update so infrequently that you stop paying attention only to come back 6 months later and see it has gone on definite hiatus? Well here are a few more.


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