Round Table Update – 4/22/10

Dave Kellett is going to at yet another con. This time it’s the Calgary Comic Expo at booth #502! He will be selling books, prints, original art…and FREE sketches for any and all! On Sunday at 1PM, he’ll be joining Kris Straub and Brad Guigar, in Room A, giving a talk on “How to Make Webcomics”. Goes to show you can never give up the convention race.

Zach Weiner shows us that when you miss an update you go the extra mile and give your readers more. One of the biggest problems with young strips is real life getting in the way of your posting schedule. At some point they all made a decision to sacrifice something in return for selling their souls… Wait, that was just me.

Another dedicated team is headed to the Calgary Comic Expo. Ryan and Lar seem to be getting annoyed with just how many Cons there are during convention season but since this one is in their backyard they’re exstatic about not needing to bring their passports. Maybe they’ll make a strip about giving Americans a hard time entering the US? They’ll be at booth #500.

OK, OK! Why am I not heading to Calgary this weekend? It looks like they will also have Ryan North.

It looks like if you don’t have your passport the place to be is the Stumptown Comics Fest. There you can meet Aaron and Spike


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