Digital Strips 188 – Horizons Watch Retail and Not Invented Here

On this episode of Digital Strips we force our listeners to walk a mile in our shoes and get to know us better by reading comics that describe our past and a present places of work. This was totally unplanned and yet really find of fun.

We take a look at two new comics on the Internet scene. Jason picked Retail by Norm Feuti which offers an indepth look at the hardships endured by the faithful retail army of the First World. I, on the other hand, chose Not Invented Here which shows the true trials face by people who sit at desks and think about Star Trek all day.

We hit a couple of big comicy topics this show. Like art, pacing and go back and forth on the issue of can a Web comic read like a Newspaper comic. I also learn a big lesson in podcasting etiquette that I’ll try to keep in mid for future shows. Come along and learn with me.

Show Notes

Diesel Sweeties
Legend of Bill
Legend of Bill show
Bear and Tiger
Ugly Hill
Imagine This


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