Imagine This Invades Your Phone ~WITH~ The Clovis App!

Back from blogging purgatory (working on two comics along with a real, honest-to-goodness social life is tough work!) to drop the news of a phone app based on one of our favorite webcomics! Lucas Turnbloom’s Imagine THIS is now available in handy, portable format for all of you who love reading comics on your smartphone/mobile device of choice (not this guy, no sir).

The official word from the bird himself:

Can’t get enough “Imagine THIS”? Yes, I know. It’s truly hard to live without the mediocrity.

Well, now you can take the mediocrity with you — on your phone!!

Just point your mobile device’s browser to: and, BAM!!!

Can’t pass up that fun, now can you? Let me know when I can view this on my brand spankin’ new iPad and we can talk more seriously. And yes, it is great to be such a delusional fool.


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