A Softer World does a Harder Interview

Just a quick note for you guys. Those guys over at Comic Book Resources did a really interesting interview with Joey Comeau and Emily Horne the creators of A Softer World, one of the most original Web comics out there. I’m a fan of any interview that helps me understand a creature better, but this one is even more interesting just because asking these guys to give us a look at their creative process is a much less generic question than it normally would be.

If you’ve never read A Softer World, I highly recommend giving it a try. In a world of copy-cat Web comics, this is something truly unique. I’ve often criticized photo comics because I don’t think they can capture action at all. Photos have always been meant to take a single moment in time and make it last forever. A Softer World uses this to it’s advantage, as each comic is just a small moment in time, incredibly created from a bit of clever text and an excellent but often only loosely related photo. There’s nothing like this anywhere else. You owe it to yourself to at least give a try.

Much thanks to our good buddy Funny Ninja for pointing us to the interview. We love getting notes like this, even though sometimes we drop the ball, we do like to use them on the site when we aren’t being lame.


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