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I hate to miss out on good webcomic mangas, even if they are of an older series and I actually prefer completed series at occasions where I want a long read, because I do not have to wait on weekly one page updates. If you never heard of Aoi House, I suggest taking a look at it.

Aoi House Review

Aoi House is a completed webcomic manga that was adopted and serialized by Seven Seas for publication because of its success. It has some similarities to Love Hina by Ken Akatmasu, the manga novel that has a world-wide success. 2 guys, by the names of Sandy and Alex, stumbled into a club with lodging which are full of girls, and they were thinking that this club was an ordinary club that features otaku crazed hobbies such as anime and manga viewing.

However, thought it was just “Aoi house”; as it was intended by some members when the name is formally supposed to be “Yaoi house”. If you do not know, “yaoi” is a genre of manga which focuses on guy to guy relationships. Despite this, this manga isn’t about these, so relax; it just so happens that the author tries to create comedy by using that name.

So the girls tried to turn the guys into gays, or rather make them fancy their craze for yaoi otaku.

And of course it is hilarious.

Why do I say it resembles Love Hina? That’s because its about being surrounded by a group of beautiful girls again, forced to stay in close quarters with them, and they each have an animal mascot; a flying turtle for Love Hina, and a perverted hamster for Aoi House.So if you do like Love Hina as a manga, Aoi House is good for you as a webcomic manga.

The story is light hearted, harem, and a little ‘ecchi’. Again, due to its suggestive nature, I recommend this manga for older teens. It is still generally safe. The mascot hamster is ridiculously adorable. I really liked it!

Other opinions

I picked Aoi House up for review because it is a successful and completed series. As I was browsing around the Internet, I find that there are many incompleted webcomics lying around, which have potential, but stopped usually due to the lack of funding, popularity and support from fans.

I know how hard it is to do draw and publish weekly, as I tried a little with my own blog. So I actually can feel for the webcomic authors. However, if you are really good at what you are doing, you can really be picked up by a well known company, and be proven successful. And with this webcomic, I hope to encourage you to that.

Here’s MTV speaking a little about Aoi House:

I don’t exactly like the song itself, but I am happy for a manga webcomic that has its own MTV mention, which is rather rare.


Some points to note:
1. Ecchi genre for manga means to be suggestive in the sexual department, but not usually explicit. It is generally suitable for older teens.

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