Digital Strips 176 – Review: Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life

Wow, that’s a bugger-long name.

However it does tell you what the comic is about, which is handy.

This episode we take a look at Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life by D. Long. The strip does something very few strips do by having a constantly changing class and Jason and I talk about the strengths and weaknesses of such an approach. We also talk about how to take Web comic constants like random buttons, about pages and alt text and how to make them something you own.

Also we try out a new feature called “Jason Reads His Email” or “Digital Strips Google News Alerts” and learn that Steve will never get any faster at cranking out the edited version of this show. It’s a good time for everyone.

Strips mentioned in this episode:
DS Adventures
Rice Boy
Order of Tales
Freak Angels
Ghost Pimp
World of Hurt
High Moon
David Gallaher Interview on Digital Strips
Old Republic Web comic
Suger Shock One Shot
Sugar Shock Review Show
Looking for Group


3 thoughts on “Digital Strips 176 – Review: Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life

  1. Hey guys,

    I’m the proud proprietor of WORLD OF HURT-The Internet’s #1 Blaxploitation Webcomic. When I started the site, I gave WORLD OF HURT the title somewhat facetiously, because, I couldn’t find any other Blaxploitation webcomics on the ‘Net. Subsequently, I discovered John Aston’s gritty, Southern-flavored “Rachel Rage” and Maurice Fontenot’s very funny “Ghost Pimp,” so it’s a challenge to maintain the title. (I even reached out to John and Maurice to make sure there were no hard feelings and to promote each other’s work by starting phony beef with them.)

    Despite the self-deprecating origins of the subheading, WORLD OF HURT offers a more serious look at Blaxploitation, closer to the tone of “Shaft” than “Undercover Brother.” Juust this week WORLD OF HURT began its “syndicated run” on Blog@Newsarama, so that has been a very nice development, too.

    Thank you very much for the mention, and I hope you stop by.


    Jay Potts

  2. Hey guys, thanks for the review! Good stuff. For the record, I haven’t seen that Cleveland Show promo, interesting… 🙂

  3. Good podcast. I discovered this comic a few months ago and wrote Mr. Long an e-mail letting him know how original and fun his comic is. I was shocked to hear how new this comic was. As a webcomic artist myself, I find it truly amazing that he could build such a readership is such a short period of time. Nice work.

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