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This is what I get for being away for so long. As you’ve probably already read here and here Amazon has been running a contest for comics. I find it very amusing that the guys selling the newspaper replacement, in the kindle, are running a contest where new fresh artists are creating newspaper style funnies. I doubt this will be the next wave but it does feel like a good jumping board for Amazon to get into comics distribution. Now if only they could create an E Ink display that used color…

The 10 final contestants are:
Belle Plaine by Eric Gapstur
About Josh and Collingwood, two fifth graders who use their wit and ingenuity to stave off boredom in a small town.

Büni by Ryan Pagelow
A dark comedy told in cute pictures. It revolves around a hopelessly optimistic loser bunny named Büni. The girl he loves doesn’t love him back.

CounterCulture by Kory Merritt
Follows the life of Margo, an oddball teenager who lives with her father, Bob Bower. Supporting characters include Margo’s ditzy ferret Kassidy, her laidback boyfriend Dobbs, and her giant boa constrictor, Stretch Armless.

Evil Twin by Alexander Matthews
Story of twins Myron and Ludwig, two 10 year-old boys who, like most brothers, are engaged in a constant battle of one-upmanship. They trade insults, devise devious schemes, and have a vivid fantasy world.

Girl by Dana Simpson
She’s a kid who’s awkward at school, awkward at home, and comfortable in the forest, where her friends all live. She has a name, but her forest-dwelling friends all just call her “Girl.”

Hemlock Heights by Todd Machen
Come join the denizens of Hemlock Heights as they combat some of life’s biggest challenges: first-time snack duty, oversized pool tags, and that most unnatural abhorrence… the neighborhood newsletter (shudder). Tennis anyone?

Joe 6-Pack by Mike Floyd
This strip centers around Joe and his everyday occurrences managing his six kids. Joe used to bring a lunchbox to work everyday, but now he’s a stay-at-home dad. He’s raising his kids on instinct and therefore solves problems and handles everyday situations in his own unique way.

Lil Wit by Andrew Paavola
Whitaker Lawrence, or “Wit,” is a delightfully dark eight-year old by with a barbed sense of humor. Fortunately, Wit is not without his unique charms as he takes pleasure in the simple things, such as giving his teacher headaches, and annoying his sister.

Nutz n’ Doltz by Michael Underhill
A modern update of what Rube Goldberg did so successfully. With a twisted sense of humor and an even odder sense of design, Nutz n’ Doltz mocks the modern gizmos and the way they are advertised to us.

Thatababy by Paul Trap
Babies have it made– they set their own hours and make their own rules, all while commanding the spotlight. Thatababy celebrates that glorious freedom through the eyes of a newborn who lives by one simple rule: It’s a baby’s job to drive their parents crazy.


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