Digital Strips 136 – Review: Eisner Award Nominees

It’s award season for the world of comics once again, and to celebrate we’re going to show up at the ceremony, mock the losers and try to find some way to attach ourselves to the winner and just make a general mess of everything. But until we can make tickets to the show in photoshop, we’ve made this show where we give our takes on each the nominees and explain why we think it should win, or go down in a pile of flames, tears and broken dreams. We also give our picks on what we think should have been nominated, but didn’t this year.

If you want to read ahead so you get all the jokes, the comics we talk about are as follows:

The Abominable Charles Christopher


The Process

Panda Xpress!

Sugarshock (you have to scroll all the way to the bottom then all the way to the right)
Our picks:




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