Digital Strips 171 – Horizons Watch and Snowflakes

I’m trying to think of something catchy to get you guys interested in listening to this week’s show, but Planet Earth is on right now, and I just can’t focus when there are monkeys on TV.

On this trip to the horizon we bring back two juicy, good comics for your enjoyment. Tales from the Looking Glass by Jamie Cottel and Anthony Perruzo and Snowflakes by the impressive team of James Ashby, Chris Jones and Zach Weiner.

So pull up a chair and a pair of head phones to find out why these comics belong in your Web browser and in your life.

Sites mentioned in this week’s show:
Captain Excelsior
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Special thanks to I Fight Dragons for our new outro music. Head on over to their website for more happening tunes. (you know they must be good if I’m telling you to go to myspace)


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