Digital Strips 169 – Zuda Watch Aug 2009

There seems to be strange new pattern emerging from Zuda Watch these days. Yours Truly, once the paragon of optimism and joy is finding more and more thinks to gripe about than every before. Meanwhile the Midnight Cartooner, a man once so bitter he was a few gray hairs from sitting on a bench and yelling at squirrels and immigrants, is beginning to sound a bit like a fan girl.

These episode we dig into another feast of Zuday goodness and lay it all bare before you. We do hope you enjoy it.

A while back some one told me it would be better it I had links to each entry in these notes so I’m going to give it a try. Also besides the name of each comic is the approximate time that we started reviewing it. Never say we Digital Stripists never respond to advice, it just takes us a half a year or so sometimes.

A Stinking Corpse 4:45
Absolute Magnitude 9:05
Antique Books 13:00
Artic 17:35
Bow and Arrow Detective Agency 23:00
Cards Kill 28:00
If you can see the hills 30:45
Octane Jungle 33:30
Psyicon 38:33
Rogue Royal 42:35


4 thoughts on “Digital Strips 169 – Zuda Watch Aug 2009

  1. Now, is it just me or there’s not a button to listen or download this Zuda watch? Is it my browsers fault? I have firefox. Can anyone help?

  2. It seems to be AWOL for me too rocky, I’ll see if I can figure it out over my lunch break.

    Sorry for the wait.

    Edit: It should be back. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

    In the future, if a show is ever not appearing where it ought to, just let me know. Also there is a link to the Feed which archived all 170 episodes of Digital Strips under the site menu. Missing shows can usually be found there.

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