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Brad Guigar and the Halfpixel guys have started something they call University, which will feature lectures by noted creators. First class is tonight; Professor Scott Kurtz will talk about line quality. has announced the Comic Strip Superstar contest, in which one lucky/talented creator will get a book contract with Andrews McMeel and possibly syndication through Universal Press Syndicate and Uclick—very multimedia. The info is up at, where Brad Guigar doesn’t just run the press release, he takes a critical look at the terms that creators may have to agree to. Gary Tyrrell has some misgivings, and he and Gordon McAlpin now have a twenty dollar riding on the outcome.

Seth Kushner interviews Kevin Colden, creator of Fishtown, for the latest edition of NYC Graphic Novelists.

Jackson Ferrell This Week in Webcomics interviews, in comics form, Blank It creators Aric McKeown and Lem Pew.

Josh Neufeld is doing a book tour to promote the print edition of A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge. David Welsh turns in the latest review of the book at Precocious Curmudgeon.

Shaenon Garrity has some self-publishing tips for those who are thinking of putting their webcomics into print. This is not the usual top ten, and she has some good ideas, like this point about cover design:

From about the 1880s to the 1930s, people were really good at design. You can’t go wrong ripping those people off.

Heidi MacDonald features a video preview of Longbox, which is being touted as “the iTunes of comics,” at The Beat.

At The Webcomic Overlook, Larry Cruz reviews Dreamless (written by Bobby Crosby and illustrated by Sarah Ellerton) and David Reddick’s Legend of Bill.


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