Left to our own devices: PSPs, iPhone app index, and new comics

Creator Kyle Hurlbut found that sales went up after Apple made him raise the age rating on Fallen Justice #2 from 9+ to 12+.

Sony will launch a comics reader for the PSP in December, with comics available for purchase from the PlayStation store. Reportedly Marvel, IDW, Image, and Archie have signed on. JK Parkin has more at Robot 6.

Comics apps for mobile phones are coming out at a dizzying pace, and now there’s a site to help you keep track of them: Find Comic Apps lists new releases and old favorites in a convenient single location. (Via downthetubes Mobile Comics.)

Cherise Fong interviews creators and publishers of comics for mobile devices and discusses the potential for spreading comics worldwide at minimal cost at CNN.com. (Via Robot 6.)

Creators, if all this talk is making you feel like you should be putting your comic on mobile devices, here’s an article for you: Lemuel Pew goes over all the options (including doing nothing and letting people just read your comics on the browser on their handheld), with a thorough discussion of the pros and cons, at Webcomics.com.

JM Ringuet’s cellphone graphic novel Stolen Suns is now available in the iTunes store. Link is here. (Via The Beat.)

Also new at iTunes: Marvel’s first Spider-Woman motion comic and Alterna’s American Terror: Confession of a Human Smart Bomb.

And R. Stevens’s LoLBoTs is available on the web but formatted for easy viewing on cell phones. Why has no one else thought of this? (Via Fleen.)

Here’s a milestone worth noting: iVerse Media reports over one million served.


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