Digital Strips 170 – Review: Imagine This

It’s almost creepy how much this episode reminds me of the Digital Strips shows of years ago with Daku the Rogue and The Mighty Zampson. With the smart writer guy at odds with the lovable but dopey artist guy over a comic’s awesomeness. Fans of the old school podcast or the UFC shouldn’t miss it.

This time our two heroic hosts do battle over the strip Imagine This by Lucas Turnbloom. A classy looking gag a day full of great characters, personal violence and 80s nostalgia.

While we both had good things to say, Jason still felt the need to bring up a few issues that required me step up and defend the comic. A bloody podcast battle ensued and after an epic back and forth both parties were left sad and broken. And after all the work I put into finding a strip for him.

After such a betrayal of trust, I don’t know if we’re going to be talking anymore.

If this is a strip you’ve been planning on reading on your own, you may want to go a head and do it because cause there are several spoilers in the show, but if it’s new to you jump on in and see if we can convince you. I bet you two donuts that we can.

Show notes abound.
The Prehistory of the Farside
Least I could do
The System
Diesel Sweeties
Get Fuzzy
Joe and Monkey
Calvin and Hobbes
Penny Arcade
Tall Tale Features
Legend of Bill
Dog Eat Doug

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3 thoughts on “Digital Strips 170 – Review: Imagine This

  1. Great show, friends! I appreciate the honest criticism. Just to answer some lingering questions:

    – The greatest hits strips will not happen anymore (events out of my control led to that);

    – Only new content, no more old strips treated as new (the GoComics peeps are all caught up);

    – Do’Raath WILL return!

    — Still trying to figure out how to archive properly. LOL

    Thanks again for the review guys, if you have any questions you’d like me to answer, email them to me and I’ll respond!

    Take care,

  2. Sorry you’re comment got stuck in limbo for a bit.

    I for one am super stoked to hear of the return of Do’Raath!

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