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Here’s the big news of the day: MySpace Dark Horse Presents is back! One of the early and more successful publisher webcomics sites, MSDHP went dark in the wake of massive layoffs at MySpace. Comic Book Resources has the deets on their triumphant return.

Phil and Kaija Foglio delivered their Hugo Awards acceptance speech for Girl Genius in the form of a comic. Cool!

Kyle Latino went to Chicago Comic-Con and had his portfolio critiqued by Howard Chaykin and Mitch Breitweiser. Rather than crying into his beer about their comments, he did something constructive and created a webcomic illustrating the principles he learned in the critique.

Meanwhile, Adam Kushner’s critique of the print edition of A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge for Newsweek ends up being a critique of the graphic novel medium as a whole. I still can’t figure out whether it’s a rave or a pan, but I do think that Kushner needs to read more graphic novels. I think he’s missing out.

Brad Guigar harnesses the teachings of behavioral psychology to suggest strategies for a successful gag strip. B.F. Skinner would approve.

Congratulations to Bryant Paul Johnson on reaching 500 episodes of Teaching Baby Paranoia. If you haven’t read this one yet, you’re missing a treat—it’s sophisticated, pseudo-historical humor delivered in digestible bites, often accompanied by misleading footnotes. Check it out!

Delos reviews Quirk’s Evil Little Webcomic at Art Patient.


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  1. Thanks for the Quirks review plug and you’ve got lots of great stuff in this post (as usual.) I like the webcomic critique – I’ll have to read that more closely.

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