Digital Strips 164 – Horizons Watch: I Love Tapes and The Meek

This show is not for the faint of heart, we say all kinds of words and phrases that my mother would not approve of. Of course my mother got on my case when I said “fart-knocker” so ample use of terms like “boobies” and “dick” along with phrases like “the c-word” (just the phrase the c-word, we’d never say the c-word) and “gay Barack Obama” would make her wonder where she went wrong.

Today we look at two glorious strips that are brand spanking new on the scene and that you should go out of your way to make feel welcome. They are:

I Love Tapes by Frank Gibson and Ned C Hugar
The Meek by Der-shing Helmer

Let us know what you think of these comics and our show in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “Digital Strips 164 – Horizons Watch: I Love Tapes and The Meek

  1. Hey guys, thanks so much for the review! Though it wasn’t so much a review as you saying a lot of nice things over and over, haha. Anyways, I really appreciate it, and hope you’ll continue to enjoy my work.

  2. Hey if you don’t want people raving about your comic, don’t make it so awesome.

    You have no one to blame but yourself.

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