Links: Farewell, MySpace

We haven’t been fans of MySpace as a webcomics site, but they did bring the comics to where the kids were. Except the kids have moved on, to Facebook and Twitter and probably some other thing we haven’t even heard of yet, so MySpace Comics is closing up shop.

In this week’s Publishers Weekly Comics Week, I talk to Brian Leung, who has set up Kidjutsu, a portal for kids’ webcomics. Go, read, and then check it out—some of the best comics on the web right now are kid stuff.

Curtis Silver talks to Chris Hastings, creator of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, at Geek Dad.

At Manga Xanadu, Lori Henderson discusses some possible formats for online manga, from a magazine-type anthology to a full-on manga version of Hulu.

Gus Higuera talks Zuda with Thom Zahler and Bill Williams, who have teamed up to create The Urban Adventures of Melvin Blank for this month’s competition.

I guess the great thing about being Scott McCloud is that if you just mention that you would like to see something, the creator goes ahead and puts it up on the web. Cool!

It’s a wrap: Jason Little has completed BEE in: “Motel Art Improvement Service.” It’s good stuff (nominated for an Eisner in 2007) so if you haven’t read it already, now’s your chance to read the whole thing—the link is to the first page.

Johanna Draper Carlson reviews the print edition of Goats at Comics Worth Reading.


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